Jervis & Partners are a local accountant covering Northamptonshire and work hard to build long-term relationships with existing customers. Keen to show that accountancy has moved on from the days of grey suits and the dull image most people have of accountants. We worked to create an animated video that highlighted some of the main concerns that companies can face - HMRC, fines and the sheer volume of work involved.

Our team worked with Jervis & Partners to integrate not only their animated video with Facebook and other social media channels but also work to tie it all together in a measurable and easy-to-digest way that could be easily understood.

At the same time as writing the script and designing the storyboards we also worked on building and integrating the new branding. Our website design team created a fresh website layout while keeping the custom-designed administration area familiar to the staff that work on updating the website on a daily basis. 

Together with Jervis & Partners we brainstormed the bland and faceless image that is sometimes wrongly associated with accountants. The goal of the video was to portray a 'can do' message when it comes to helping a company with their accounts, from a personal tax return through to compiling certified accounts. 

The resulting animated video shows our character John, up to his neck in paperwork and files and wondering how on earth he is going to work his way through them. He used to do the accounts himself - until he realised it would be much more cost effective to get a professional company to do them for him.

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