Mobile App Demo Videos
Mobile App Demo Videos

A mobile app demo video is great way to help people with a smartphones like an iPhone or Android to understand your App

Mobile App stores continue to expand with an App for everything, whether it is one to monitor your sleep patterns, health, wealth, star gazing, bird watching and identification, detecting a song you are listening to and everything in-between. Apps have fast become a mobile-friendly and easy was to engage with customers and communicate with them in a customised way.

Think of a topic and you can almost guarantee there is an app available for it.

Allowing someone to download a free version of your app is the first step. People are short on time and inclination in this day and age and the faster you can help them use your mobile app the more inclined they will be to upgrade to the premium or paid version of it.

Many mobile apps can be confusing or daunting after first install on a mobile device. Helping people to get familiar with it and navigate their way around the many menus and option is a key part of whether they upgrade to the paid version or recommend it to a friend, colleague or family member. One of the best ways to help people to get the most out of your app is to give them the option to watch mobile app demo video when they first open it.

Another benefit or putting together a series of walk-throughs or helpful mobile app guides using mobile app demo videos is their ability to help reduce support calls. By helping and showing people how to use your app quickly and easily while guiding them how to carry out the most common tasks and answer frequently-asked-questions visually can increase app usability.

After all, who doesn’t like being shown visually in a walkthrough exactly how to make an app do what they want rather than them having to read pages of FAQ’s on a website?

A lot of mobile app developers create both a free and paid version with more features available in the paid version.  Making app users aware of your premium features is critical to up-selling them to the paid version and an app demo video is one way to consider when thinking of ways to convert a user into a paid app customer.

When it comes to selling a new concept to the management or if you are in the early stages of pitching your mobile app to an investor, what better way to help your presentation than with a simulated version of your mobile app?

Getting a mobile app developed and uploaded can be time consuming and expensive and many companies spend considerable time getting some in-app tutorial demo videos explainer videos to go with it.

Getting a mobile app demo video on YouTube and social media can also be a great way to get free publicity for it and encourage sharing. People generally have greater trust when it comes to downloading apps shared or perhaps recommended by business partners, friends or family.

The last takeaway point to know is that Google give priority to video in their results and when you are browsing you may have noticed this. A good explainer video about your mobile app can help with SEO and getting it found in the Google results.

We develop fun and friendly animated mobile app demo videos for all topics of app  and would love to speak to you and find out how we might be able to help you.

Fixed Price

Fixed cost mobile app videos  – no hidden extras

When we work on an animated mobile app video for you can be assured that the price agreed is the price you pay. We don’t believe in adding hidden costs and like customers to know that the price includes all elements of the video creation, from them script through to the completed mobile app video.


Unlimited revisions at each stage

Unlimited revisions

You can relax in the knowledge that your video is being created by professionals and any adjustments or changes needed along the way will be made without question or extra costs. Our price includes the script, character development and design, storyboard, music and final app video.


We work to deadlines for you

Committed to Deadlines

We understanding the important of getting your app on the Android or Apple store and making it available for download by your potential customers. Your app mobile video will help your users get the most out of it and we work hard to meet your deadlines for upload. If your mobile app video is high priority and time and resource allows we will do our very best to make it high priority where possible.


Your dedicated design team

Dedicated Team

Your assigned project manager will work with you one-on-one and make the whole process simple and easy, guiding you through from the script through to completed product. You can be assured that any questions, however big or small will be dealt with proactively and with ease throughout.

Find out how we might be able to help you further and let us impress you.


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