How it works – AMP


Information Gathering

We ask new customers to complete a simple brainstorming questionnaire to help us gather information about your business.

First Discussions

We develop a deeper understanding of your business and goals and how to bring your product or service to life. At this point, we take a 50% deposit with the final balance only due on completion.


We create an engaging script that gets to the point, grabs the audience and works subtly to convert them into customers.


We then draw a storyboard showing each scene of the journey through the video. Once you are 100% happy with the storyboard, we continue to the final stage – the animation.


We bring your ideas to life by drawing the characters, backgrounds and other elements to be used in your animation.

Sound, Music & Voiceover

We add the finishing touches – music, sound effects and voiceover. We work with a range of artistes – British, American and even French. Tell us what you’d prefer, and we’ll give samples to help you choose. We then integrate the voiceover seamlessly into your video along with music and sound effects.


In true Hollywood fashion, we then convert the storyboard into a colourful animation and send it to you for approval.

Upload and Share

We deliver your completed video in HD ready for embedding on your website, YouTube or any other mainstream format of your choice. We are experts in web marketing and can also help you with the best use of the video.