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Types of Animated Video

  • Animated explainer videos

    An explainer video is a fun and easy-to-understand explanation of your product, service or idea. It allows you to engage with your customers visually.

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  • Mobile App Demo Videos

    A mobile app video is a great way to help people with smartphones like an iPhone or Android to understand your App and often, allowing someone to download a free version of your app is the first step.

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  • Landing page videos

    A landing page is often the entry point to your website when someone clicks through from either a Facebook or Google Adwords ad.

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  • Facebook marketing animated videos

    Facebook keeps growing and growing and the days of putting a static picture of your or service in a static Ad box online on a website are becoming less efficient.

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  • Private: Pre-Roll Video Adverts

    Most people know of pre-roll video adverts which are the 5-second preview videos that appear just before the main video you might be trying to watch on YouTube or another video websites.

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  • Whiteboard Animations

    A mobile app video is a great way to help people with smartphones like an iPhone or Android to understand your App and often, allowing someone to download a free version of your app is the first step.

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  • Create Infographics and powerpoint alternatives

    Infographics are a way to simplify information, statistical data or complicated ideas quickly and efficiently in an immersive way with your audience.

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  • Benefits of an Animated Website Video

    An animated website video can help get you better Google rankings, explain your product or service and allow visitors to share in a fun, engaging and visual way.

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The Benefits of an Animated Website Video

  • Better Google rankings

    Make your website more visible in Google. Videos have been shown to increase Google rankings.

  • Increase sales

    Convert your visitors into customers when they understand your products better.

  • Explain your products

    Grab people’s attention and get your message across quickly and effectively.

  • Get more customers

    Our explainer videos can be used to reach on many platforms to help you engage and build trust with your customers.

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We are Animated Video Marketing Experts

We have been pioneering online marketing and creative since 2003 and know what does and doesn’t work using our vast real-world experience. Our emphasis is on giving superior customer service, and nothing is too much trouble when it comes to serving you. We have helped hundreds of companies understand online marketing in a no-nonsense and straightforward way. We create your animated video from start to finish based on a detailed understanding of your business. We make videos that help your business grow and succeed.

Fixed Price There are never any hidden extras with us. The price agreed is the price you pay. All we ask is a 50% deposit once the project has been started, with the balance only due once your video is complete and ready to go live.
Unlimited revisions We work hard at every stage to make sure we get things right first time as often as possible. From time to time a customer might want to make a change. We actively encourage feedback at each stage to make your concept appear on the screen as you imagined. We also work hard to gather as much information as possible before we start. Rest assured we are entirely flexible.
Committed to Deadlines We believe in meeting deadlines, whether this is for the launch of your new website, an important presentation that you might have to do or perhaps you have an industry showing looming. We agree and understand your pressures and timescales and work hard to meet your timeline objectives from the very beginning. If you have an urgent timeline requirement and the animation team workload allows we will give your project priority.
Dedicated Team Our team is always available to speak with you whenever you might have a question or creative input. No problem is too small or large, and we love to help customers understand every part of the process and your assigned Project Manager is always free to speak to you on Skype or by telephone. We prefer real people, not contact forms and love to talk – call us now.

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Case Study: Acclaim Environmental Pest Control animated wasp nest removal

Acclaim Environmental focuses on both domestic and commercial pest control. In the summer months with many people having picnics and garden parties, wasps can aggressively attack for little reason and sting when threatened. Unlike honey bees, wasps are often able to sting multiple times and can cause severe, life-threatening allergic reactions.

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Animated video usage is increasing year on year as savvy marketers work to engage people with their clients’ brands. We are experts at delivering animated videos from start to end. Let us work with you and help your business grow.

You might be early on in your video marketing journey, looking to find out a little more about how and if it can help your business. Drop us a line or email, and we will try and answer your questions. There is never any pressure from us and our script and animation experts are always on hand to help you with advice and guidance, whether you are a decision maker or just need some input.

Video marketing statistics

  • 90% user say that seeing a video about a product is helpful in the decision process

  • After watching a video, 90% of users are more likely to Buy a Product Online

  • Estimates suggest that 60 secs. of video footage is equal to 1.8 million words, showing that visuals do speak louder than words alone

  • The average user spends over 16 mins. watching online video ads every month

  • Social video generates more shares than text and images combined

  • 46% of users take some action after viewing a video ad

  • Homepage videos increase conversions by over 20%