Benefits of an Animated Website Video

Animated website videos can not only help increase your Google rankings but lead to increased sales conversions

Better Google and YouTube rankings with video
As you browse around the internet you have probably noticed that the Google results show up videos regularly on the first page of the search results. This is no coincidence and Google in particular (which also owns YouTube) give priority to video. YouTube alone gets literally millions of searches per day and is a huge and untapped source of traffic and potential customers.

Beyond just having an infographic or explainer video produced, it is important to think ahead beyond using one to build links to point to your website (known in the industry as “backlinks”, which help push your website up the rankings).

Using web video to get people to then go on to share it with more people is essential. People are becoming more choosy with what they will and will not share and it is important that your animated explainer video has the right impact while being fun and getting your message across clearly.

The main takeaway here is that your video should offer something to your viewer. Whether this is to educate, amaze, shock or annoy them (think the British Meerkat advert) to the point where they are unable to get it out of their head. Creating an emotional connection with your product or service is key.

Increase your sales using video
Convert your visitors into customers when they understand your products better.

Explain your product or service and get more customers
People are much more inclined to buy a product or service if you help them understand the details of how it might work or more importantly, how it might benefit them personally.

Animated explainer videos can be used to reach customers not only on many online  different platforms but also to help you with a presentation, business idea or pitch to help you engage with people and build trust.