Landing page videos

An animated landing page video is often the first thing a website visitor sees after they arrive on your landing page from a Google Ad or Facebook – and you only have seconds to impress.

Embedding a landing page video on your website or landing page can not only increase conversions but can also keep customers on your page longer. Help them understand your product, service or idea in under 2 minutes with a short animated landing page explainer video.

The power of video and visuals always has the most impact when compared to text alone. Think of the movies you have seen and a story that might have stayed with you, or perhaps a TV advert. Visuals generally stay with you for a long time and are more easily recalled by the brain than text.

If you are carrying out a sponsored / paid online marketing campaign, your visitor will have most probably cost you a Google Adwords or Facebook or social media click cost and your goal should be to make the most of getting them to your website and convert them to a sale or signup.

A visual image is processed 60,000 times faster than text in the brain, and a video can give your product sales page the edge and make the difference between converting the visitor into a sale or driving them away to a competitors website.

A landing page video should be generally under 2 minutes long and explain a little about your business and how your product or service might solve your customer’s problem and provide a solution.

Very often, the animated landing page video should get across 2 or 3 of the main takeaway points to the viewer without overloading them. You might even be trying to create curiosity and generate a telephone call for more information to your sales number.

Your video explainer should have a quick and memorable impact on your viewer and give them enough information to follow up, or purchase your product or service by providing them with enough about the key features and benefits as possible.

A landing page explainer video is a crucial part of your marketing strategy and could the difference between winning a new customer or them leaving the landing page to visit your competitor’s websites. Crafting an effective landing page that hits the bullseye can make or break the success of your landing page.

Over 70% of people browsing a website page remember the remember the videos they have seen online vs the text the might have read. This also follows through with converting them – more than 60% of people are more likely to buy your product or service after seeing a video.

If you are looking for a way to connect with your target audience, and you need to do that in a way that’s fast, engaging, and effective. So Keep it short, simple and fun – and remember, share your story.

Less is definitely more when it comes to the script – keeping your message simple and to the point can have a huge impact. Don’t be tempted to cram as much into your landing page video as possible as that can actually have a negative effect.

One final tip – don’t autoplay your video when the page first loads unless absolutely necessary. People like to read the introductory text and play videos in their own time and not have them autoplay – there is nothing worse than your speakers being on full volume from the last song you played and you visit a web page and the room shakes in surprise.

Fixed price animated landing page videos – No hidden costs

Once we find out more information about your product or service, we brainstorm ideas with you and agree on a project plan and timescales. The agreed price includes all visuals, sound, music, character design and animation time. There are never any hidden extras with us.


Unlimited revisions

You can be confident that any or adjustments to your visuals or storyboard, music choice, script or landing page video are all included in the price you pay.


Committed to your deadlines

Companies sometimes run on very tight deadlines and we understand the pressure you might be under to launch your new online marketing campaign. Explainer videos can play an important part, especially when you might be sending website traffic and visitors to a customised landing page with your new landing page video embedded. We work very hard to achieve all of your deadlines and if your project is urgent we work to accommodate your deadlines wherever possible.


Your dedicated team

We help you every step of the way and like to make clients feel part of the production from start to finish. We want you to be delighted with the completed animation and ultimately refer us to others and we work hard to make every detail as you imagine it. No question is small or large during the creation of your masterpiece and your project manager will help you throughout and be there to answer any questions you might have with your landing page video.